Certificate of Analysis

Certificate of Analysis 3.1, DIN EN 10204

Contact: Oliver Brabänder
Telephone +49.208.778909-25
Email info@bpc.bio

Production Date 07.06.2017
Retest Date 07.06.2022

Material: bpc CHITOSAN

Test Parameter Method Specification Test Value Unit
min max pass
Appearance at 25°C CA_0100_01 powder powder pass
Odor CA_0110_01 characteristic characteristic pass
Color CA_0120_01 offwhite grey pass
Viskosity (1%Chitosan+1%Salicylic Acid in water) CA_0930_01 1200 2500 1500 mPas
pH Value (1%Chitosan+1%Salicylic Acid in water) CA_0151_01 3,0 4,0 3,2
Provinience CA_04823_02 fungal fungal pass


Test values are based on analyses carried out in the Quality Control Laboratory of Careabout GmbH promptly after production. This document is issued by electronic data processing. According to DIN EN 10204 signature is not necessary.

Quality Control

Oliver Brabänder